The Drag King Anthology  with Kathleen LeBesco and Bobby Noble (Harrington Park Press, 2003).

The Drag King Anthology brings together academic and non-academic writing about drag kings in locations around the world: Montreal, Canada; Columbus, Ohio; and Adelaide, Australia to name a few. This work builds on earlier work done by Judith Halberstam and Del LaGrace Volcano (The Drag King Book) to broaden the understanding of drag king culture in the 1990’s.

“‘You Heard My Gun Cock’: Female Agency and Aggression in Contemporary Rap Music” from African American Research Perspectives (Fall 2002).

This article began as a paper I wrote for “The Hip Hop Paradigm: Mapping and Transcending its Boundaries conference held at University of Michigan in March 2001. It discusses the ways in which Black female rappers push back against a male-centered masternarrative of hip hop culture and rap music.

“Critical Moments: A Dialogue Toward Survival and Transformation,” The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies with Amira Jarmakani.

This article grew out of a conference I helped plan at Emory University in March 2003 called “Critical Moments: Re-Membering Community and Self.” It is an analysis and transcript of a discussion between four women: Susan Glisson, Patricia Mohammed, Layli Phillips, and Chela Sandoval. Each discuss how their own work engages “critical moments” throughout history and the strategies they have uncovered for survival and transformation.